New member just saying hello - nr Coventry

Hey everyone my names Deano and I’m a new member here, I’m also new to the drone world and finding it difficult to find safe and responsible places to fly with good photographic and cinematic locations to shoot. So hoped that joining a forum would help me with this. I’m based near Coventry in Warwickshire. Any suggestions of where to fly would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks :grin:


Just saying Hi from Rhyl

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Welcome Deano. I’m round the corner from you.
There’s plenty of places. And there is quite a few of us round Coventry.
Check out this forum for places to fly and, of course,

Hope to meet soon :+1:

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Hi Deano and welcome to GADC.

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Nice one, thank you for the warm welcome :grin::+1:t2:


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Hi @DeanoG60 and welcome to GADC, I’m also in Coventry

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Awesome, any tips on local places to to fly? :grin:

Try getting out in the sticks, Corley, fields around Allesely etc. I’ve found a few nice places to have a zip about

It’s a shame Corley rocks is so over grown otherwise would be an awesome place lol

There was once a amazing crop circle in the field on the top of Corley Rocks, wish it was there now I’d love to fly over it!!

Yeah that would be awesome, maybe we should get some planks and rope and some head torches meet you there at midnight! :rofl:

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A somewhat belated “Welcome to GADC”, Deano :smiley:

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Hahaha Cheers @PingSpike practically my 2nd home now :rofl: