New mini 2 flyer - Nottingham

Tony those places look amazing, thanks for all your help will be trying lots of your sites, my mini 2 just arrived 10 minutes ago as well, just got to wait for operators ID to arrive will give me chance to do the setups needed, think I’ll get the care refresh package as well, Steve

Care refresh in my opinion is worth every penny. I crashed my mini 2 after a few weeks of ownership, broke the camera, gimble, and top and bottom casings. Got the replacement back after 10 days. Just remember and add/activate the care refresh within 24 hours of pairing the drone to your phone otherwise it will be invalid.

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yea dontt fly in fog it will damage the drone as water build up will happen, i made tthat mistake the other night as trhe fog was rolling in as i was at an event taking footage for them and struggled tto get the drone back down :frowning: took bout 5 mins

Yes, definitely get Care Refresh. I crashed at the Clipstone Colliary and wrote my first mini off. DJI replaced it within 5 days of my sending the damaged remains back to them.

Best of luck and if you need any assistance, please contact me. I’m also retired!



Tony D, I’ve just been in touch with DJI and told them I got the drone today but was not new, they sent me a program to follow after I sent the drone’s ref numbers , told me it was 4 months old and to do some recording details of the drones settings, then they review these and if happy with sell me the 2 year package, :+1:

Add them the DroneScene ?

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Best of luck.

Me too, just joined this group and hopefully learn how to fly my Drone, I’m also retired and live in Nottingham been using a cheap drone to practice with and then I intend to get a DJI Mini 2.

Mick the DJI mini 2 is amazing to fly with very little restrictions, just follow the drone code fit some personal ID labels and your away if you get the fly more package you get 3 batteries,

Thanks, I don’t suppose you could recommend where’s the best place to purchase a DJI Mini2 from, should I go direct or are there bargains around?

@Mick4 welcome to GADC.

Due to DJI price fixing it means if ever there is a deal on, then all retailers have the same deal at the same price.

Whenever these deals do come up you can find the details here:

In that thread you’ll also find various 0% finance deals, some new-customer discounts with the likes of Very et al.

Have a read :+1:t2:

Thanks for the info

This is probably the best way to get an idea of what’s available.

DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo Kit

Mick I put a alert on GumtreeUK and found mine flown once 2 batteries charged once the other not charged ever , like new with lenses filters, wanted £475 but offered £400 posted and he said yes, the I brought the Dji care refresh 2 year package which replaces up to 3 drones in 2 years it’s a must, took me 6 weeks looking but save £150 :+1:

Thanks for that I was looking at Argos



Just make sure and get your Nectar points!

I like your name, I can relate :smiley:

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