New pic of Whitehead, Co Antrim, N.Ireland

Taken from Whitehead Golf Club 11 hole


You can see my house from there. :smile:

Was in Portaferry at the weekend but the gails where far to high to fly, maybe in month or so :frowning:

Same here, Bangor seems to be permanently windy, never just a breeze, always a gale. :unamused:

Love your site BTW giving me some great ideas :smiley:

@rab Thanks Rab. That’s just a small selection out of many hundreds I’ve taken through the years. The drone gives me the opportunity to revisit a lot of locations all over again to get photos from new angles. I see you’ve already done the colourful houses in Whitehead (snap!) and the lightouse, which I’ve yet to do. We’ve plenty of great scenery here to choose from, all we need is the end of lockdown and a few days of calm weather. If you have some good locations don’t forget the share them on

GADC Drone Scene :+1:

Will do, hopefully as you say lockdown ends restrictions soon, I have so many locations I have been and want to go back to and get some shots. be safe talk soon.