New to Drone Flying question about Yuneec Breeze

Just recently bought the Yuneec Breeze as a starter drone with the hopes of taking up the hobby and progress into a freestyle set up, can anyone tell me if goggles like the fatsharks and another controller will work the breeze?

Hi @Oxide welcome to the forum, I’m sorry I can’t help, know nothing about the yuneek but I’m sure someone will get back to you if they know,
Hope you find a solution your after. :smiley:

Thanks Rob, nice to meet others with the same interest, going to Northern Ireland in 2 weeks, hope to take the Yuneec out for a spin with my Son over there.

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Some amazing countryside over there I envy you, been a few years since I was there.:+1:
Why not pop over to introductions thread , let folks know a little about yourself, I’m sure there are others here with a yuneek. :smiley:

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Chris, Make sure you look up the Drone Laws for Ireland, they differ from here in the UK.