New to greyarro - Oldham, Greater Manchester

Hi all I’m new to the group but first impressions are good. sick of the drone police and keyboard warriors on 90% of the Facebook pages. I have posted a few videos but have quite a few more hope you are all ok with me posting them. I’m sure you will tell me when you get sick of them. Any criticism good or bad is ok.


@iadt67 welcome, where abouts are you? Don’t forget to add yourself to the members map and have a browse for some local flying buddies :+1:t2:

How do I add myself to the Members Map?


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Hi Mark and welcome to GADC.

thank you

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Hi Mark,

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the site, full of helpful people, nothing like FB, great group. I was born and brought up in Oldham, many years ago, left in 82.

Have you been back since, if not I wouldn’t bother it’s changed so much and mostly for the worse.

Yes I went back about 10 years ago, and yes you are correct, its changed so much and for the worse, my Old schools, Derker Afghan St, has gone, so has Beever Street, and so has, Counthill, and South Chadderton. there is nothing left, i use to love it on a Saturday down George street, Butterworths Chippy, Henshaw Street with the little Magic shop, and the Old Victorian inside market, I joine the Army at the small recruiting shop that use to be on King Street, all gone, :frowning:

Welcome I am not a million miles away in Salford. I feel like a newbe myself as I have not flown for over a year but looking forward to the world opening up.


Hi and welcome