New to here and flying... Wrexham N Wales

Hi all, I hope to get into using this site regularly. There’s loads of questions I have (mainly about where to fly) so I’ll be trawling the forums

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Wondering where to fly?

There’s no better resource:

Welcome to Grey Arrows :slight_smile:


Thanks for that info, really useful. Just found out there’s a Highlands restricted area so I’ll have to reassess where I want to go to fly :+1:

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Oh? Where abouts?

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In the Highlands there’s military flights weekdays afternoon till late

It’s about 80% of the region I’m in!

Wow. They’ve took up have of Scotland :rofl:
Must be preparing for martial law.

You’re still good to fly though…

They have taken most of the Highlands for sure. I think I can fly mornings or weekends?

If it was me, i’d just go for it. If somethings coming in quick, drop your height.
It’s not illegal to fly there if you follow the drone code.
And to be honest, if a drone that a hobbyist flies can take out a typhoon, harrier, F16, MiG or whatever their drilling, our military is pretty stuffed.
But seriously, use your own judgement.