New to Litchi

Ok apologies if this has been asked before.

Just purchased Litchi on iPad.

My mavic is on a firmware from around September 2017.

Go4, allows me to set a maximum altitude of 500m. Is this firmware related and will I be able to set 500m in Litchi?

I read that you need to start go4 first and then litchi. Is this still the case? Or can it operate completely independent of go4?

What about FCC mode, is it possible in Litchi?

Are there any issues using non current mavic firmware with the current litchi app?

Pinging all the Litchi operators I can think of :smiley:

@Peter @Creaky @RaRaRasputin @StevenPSCC @AllatSea @Ktm250

Cheers Rich,

Circumstances now slightly changed though.

Now on 0700 firmware and 4.1.3 go4 with fcc config file applied.

Just want to know how I can get FCC mode in Litchi and if I need to run go4 before I start litchi.

Cheers all.

Haven’t used Litchi for some time (months) just haven’t flown much since last year, but if memory serves, you do need to start Go4 first and get it connected and then you can shut it down once litchi is up and running

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That would make sense then that GO4 sets the region and you can then use litchi.


Not used Litchi for quite a while, since I discovered Autopilot

I looked at autopilot but was put off that iPad mini 4 was no longer supported and classed as legacy device. Looked great though.

Ended up purchasing FPV camera which I refunded as terrain elevation would not work and now trying litchi.

Litchi now available for mavic air

How do you plot with Litchi, can you do this on a MAC then save file and open it on Crystalsky
If so, do you know what the mac software would be

You plot using browser on your pc or Mac.

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