New to video help with file conversion

I am windows 10 pc user and have mavic air 2 s and mini 3 pro. Have done loads of still photography but it’s time I started to use Video. How do I convert the mp4 files to jpeg files. What software ( free ideally) do you recommend. Experienced photoshop user



MP4 is a video file format and JPEG is a photographic format, are you trying to pull stills from the video?

I tried to upload a video in MP4 format from my drone but gray arrows rejected it as it was the wrong format so wanted to convert it so I could share it

Videos can’t be uploaded to GADC only photos. To share a video you’d have to upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo then post the link to it.

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To share a video just post the link on a separate line in your post, like I’ve done with one of mine below.

There is a 50Mb file limit and videos are not uploadable. You need to first host the video on Vimeo or YouTube

To amplify John’s comment above you start a post then put any text - or none - and then on a separate line you put the link to your video like so:

And then you can carry on your post. The url on its separate line then gives you any length of video in a nice box with its own controls. I don’t know what the attraction with Scotland is. Take away the glens, the lochs, the mountains, the breathtaking views, the food and the drink, the architecture, the people and its the ame as anywhere else. Plus midges.

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Why I do all my landscape work in winter :joy:

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@grandad1950 I use Shotcut (free) video editing software. It’s easy to use and there are lots of tutorials on YouTube to help.

You can pull stills from a video using VLC