New video apps

Hi. Is there a way to get more video settings like globe mode spiral mode and stuff in the mavic? If I press quickshot shot it just goes back to normal screen.

I’m running an old firmware and app version on my Mavic so I don’t have these options.

Is it possible you’re not running the latest firmware and apps too?

Some of the new features … Spiral, etc., … appeared with the Air, but haven’t (as yet) appeared on the MP.

Can’t think why … unless the MP is about to be replaced and feature upgrades to the MP are coming to an end. Tho, hopefully this isn’t the case.
I think I saw, somewhere, that they have been added to the P4P.

Updated firmware about a week ago.

Let’s hope they sort it.

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Are you getting no quickshots available at all? Dronie etc?

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If I remember correctly once you press quickshot it takes you back to a similar screen.
You draw a box around your subject and then the options appear.
I think there were 3, dronie and 2 others. Might be more now

Thanks. Will take a look tomorrow.

GREAT. Thanks for the advise. Found the modes after pressing quickshot then pressing the screen then the options appear. Thanks for the help.