New York Stadium

Image taken tonight pre and post processing within Affinity Photo.

Still getting used to things but commentary and opinion welcome

DJI_0080.DNG (17.7 MB)

EDIT: Not sure why the first image isn’t posting so if you can tell me what I’m doing wrong I’d appreciate it.



Web browsers don’t support DNG files I’m afraid.

Our forum supports the uploading of them though, as people often wish to share them with others.

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Thanks for that. The more you know eh!

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In your editing you’ve lost all the colour in the sky, which is a shame as you have some good colour in the sky. I don’t know if your editor supports it but try and edit the sky seperate to the ground.
I’m at work so don’t have my editor available, but just in windows basic options here’s this:

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To be honest i think i was concentrating more on the body of the image and forgot about the sky, but you are right. I need learn more about the software and how i could apply a mask etc. rather than just adjusting levels and so on.

Nice pic over Rotherham, must post some of my Barnsley ones