Newbie first photos Chichester

Morning out with Brian around Chichester Harbour. Great morning. Thanks BrianDJI_0213.DNG (24.3 MB)


You may want to add the photo? :wink:

mmmmmm it did not work first time!!!

DJI_0222.DNG (24.5 MB)



Looks like you popped your water wings John !.
Also try “Dell Quay” while your that way (great meal in “The Crown & Anchor”)
at the Quay (if you walk past the outside seating area ,along the shoreline, great places to fly).
Also the “The Anchor Bleu” at Bosham Quay.

Nice pics, John … they get you The Coastal Flyer Badge, too! :+1:

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Many thanks Chris and Dave. Hope many more willl follow.

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Visited your places Chris but too much wind to fly on that day. Would still like a meet up someday even if its not to fly. Got questions to tap you for! Given up early starts when I retired but am free most days except Tuesdays.

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I’ve stopped using my landing mat. It’s like a big sign saying “I’M FLYING A DRONE”… Anyone else?

I always use mine to protect the drone. Quite happy to talk to anyone about drone flying. Have enlightened a number of people about flying and been thanked for it!

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Good work. You’ve posted the RAW images here, have you tried processing them yet?

Not yet. Sometime in the near future

Here’s a couple of mine from the meet up with @Manty / John


And one of the pair of us



great shot of Bosham. See the difference in sharpness between the Air and yours. I have to improve!!!

They are very different cameras that makes a difference, but I still think that the Raw files you showed me was a soft image and I am not sure why.

I always use the mat. Having stripped by racing quad motors down a few times, you would be surprised how much junk can get caught inside a motor. :open_mouth: That said, I can see where you are coming from; but as said elsewhere, I use it as an opportunity to help educate others who know only the scary press stories. In my experience, when you start talking about the safety systems, geo-fencing, etc, everyone understands the difference between model fliers and toy fliers and are more than interested.

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Good shout… Might get the mat back out! At least until my new skids arrive from the States :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: