Newbie from Bath

Hi I’m a newbie to drones just purchased my first bit of kit Mini 2. First results are amazing!

Are there any other members in the Bath area and anyone know the best locations in the area BANES council seem a nightmare.

Looking forward to posting some videos soon…


Hi and welcome to GADC

Check out our very own DroneScene map for member added places to fly.

My Geography south of Watford isn’t the best but we have a few members down your way @McSteamy2010 is from them parts (ish) he can probably point you in the right direction.

Good choice on the Mini 2 cracking bit of kit, look forward to seeing some photos and video ;o)

I’m in Bath, good to catch up if we can do that legally…! DM me…?

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Not that THAT would bother you

Yes Tom outside and 50m apart :joy:

Ouch! Does that come across?

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Haha following COVID & CAA guidelines but more than happy to meet anyone :+1:t2:

In Bath too … Twerton :slight_smile: