Newbie from Essex

Hi, just taken delivery of a new Holy Stone HS510 as my starter drone. Any Essex flyers in here and if so got any good places for a beginner to start?

Cheers in advance… Phil

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Hi Phil and welcome to droning :slight_smile: I’m in Southend in Essex and been flying a Mavic Mini for about 6 months. Where are you based ?

Hi Tolly. In Eastwood, As soon as this weather improves I’m looking to get out and start learning but need to know where and also get my head around the CAA & NATS rules and regulations first.

Dronescene is your friend

Hi Phil and Tolly, I am in Canvey and am relatively new to flying. I got a holly stone HS720 to fly at our caravan in Hopton and just got a used Mavic Pro from a GADC member so am looking for somewhere local to fly (Canvey comes up as NFZ when I try to fly it due to airport) so maybe we could meet up sometime. As it is coming into winter it may be next year now though!

Yeah, the NFZ takes out a big chunk near us. I do my practice flying at Southchurch Park which is just outside the zone and local to me. We have a caravan at Mersea Island and I get some good flights around there. When we get some nice Autumn colour on the leaves I plan on going to Hanningfield reservoir to get some footage. If I were you I would sign up with the CAA, register your drone and take the test. Even though the mini does not officially require it right now, it soon will. Happy to meet up if you like :slight_smile:

Hi CJR. Agree about the winter months drawing in. Not the best time to buy a drone :smiley: The reason I purchased mine was to add some arial footage to the videography work I do for my YouTube channel but reading all the rules, regulations and the NT and EH dodgy bylaws it looks like a few early starts are on the cards in future. I’m well versed on the public photography laws (no expectation of privacy in public etc) its the rest that go with it I’ve got to get my head around :wink:

CJR & Bielzibubz, we’re all not far from one another, If we get a few nice Autumn days, I would be happy to meet up ( social distancing and all that). Maybe somewhere like Wat Tyler country park or Hullbridge alongside the River Crouch?

Sounds like a plan Tolly. All I need do now is get that first flight under my belt. Week off next week so plenty of opportunity. DIY and the missus permitting lol

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I am happy with that too, just seen B has had a flight at WT park without any problems so that may be a good option!


Hi, I saw you flew at WT park and am thinking of going tomorrow or Sunday as the forecast is for light winds. I have not been there before so can you let me know where you flew, what time might be best and was it busy as I would prefer to fly with not many people around as still new at this

Hi Colin, I’ve been there twice and flown in the same spot on both occasions. If you park in the car park next to the visitors centre there is an opening in the corner and a small field between two footpaths that I used as a take off and landing point. it wasn’t too busy when I was there but the wind was a problem and curtailed the flights somewhat. I did take a stroll through the park to the waterfront hoping to get some footage but that was even busier so that was a no no.


Forgot to ask, how did you get on with your drone?

A great little learning drone but really was hard to gauge as I’ve only taken it up twice and at 140ft it really struggled to come back as the wind was being an arse. 245gms and about the same size as a Mavic Mini it doesn’t take much (20mph) of a wind to upset it.

Saying that it was great to learn all the controls even if I didn’t do anything really constructive with it. That will all come later.

I know what you mean about the wind, my HS720 struggled at our caravan in Hopton as the sea “breeze” was rather more than it showed on the map but the HS drones are good for the money.

Glad you are enjoying it though

I’m good for Sunday! I’m going to go there for about 1pm-2pm if either of you fancy it. We can at least exchange some stories :+1:t2:

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Hi David, I should be able to make it for about 1.30. Do we park in the car park next to the visitors centre?

I should be ok for about 1.30. Do we park in the car park by the visitor centre? Also, is the parking free ?