Newbie from the Hook area ( near Basingstoke)

Hi all

Im Lee and I am a newbie to everything “Drone”.

I treated myself to the new Mavic Air 2 Combo after the Lockdown had started so not really had much chance to fly. I have only bought for a bit of fun but to also try and capture some family photos you just would get any other way.

I have had a flew flights and I must admit the drone is an awesome bit of kit compared to my old Blade 400 or the even older Century Hawk nitro.
I just need to find some places which pesky humans don’t moan about what I’m doing.
I have registered with the CAA and I have ticked all the necessary boxes.

I also visit Weymouth a fair bit as we have a holiday home down there so hi to the Dorset pilots too.

Anyway, just thought I would say hi



Welcome to GADC.
Nice bit of kit. Enjoy learn and don’t be afraid to ask on here. Many willing souls to guide you on your journey.

Hi and welcome to GADC , I only started in May so I’m new too but I love it and this site and it’s fantastic members have really helped me find my way, enjoy your air 2 and if you use this site you will find all the help and advise you need, Have fun.

Welcome to the group, Lot’s of help on hand when you need it :+1:

Welcome to the club Lee :handshake:


Hi Lee and welcome to GADC.

Hi Lee,

Welcome to the club. I’m in Sherfield Park (Chineham) so close to Hook. I’ve found some great places to fly around Stratford Saye (Bramley), Wildmoor and Rotherwick and Baughhurst (to name a few) flying mainly from public footpaths that are all over the area we live in. Tend to go on the site, click on Basingstoke, find a few footpaths and then google map to check the fields don’t have overhead lines and ensuring it’s outside of the Odiham no fly zone. Being furloughed for 2 months now, it’s keeping me sane. Im flying the Mavic Mini so a less capable beast than yours but still an excellent drone.

Hi Andy

Thanks for your message.
Yeah I know where you are. I lived in “The Stoke” for 37 years. Went to the Vyne.
Thanks for the link, I’ll have to have a look.
As for the furlough I’m now coming to the end of my 3rd week and then starting next Friday im hopefully starting the Flexi Furlough.