Newbie from Watford

Hi team! New(ish) user from Watford. Found a couple of great places to fly around Watford/Chorleywood but always keen for more recommendations!


Welcome to GADC fella!

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Welcome Mike. The ‘Milkman’ will be along soon to welcome you properly

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Not a phrase I was expecting! Thanks man, looking forward to getting involved.

Welcome to the forum @Mike_Ward90

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Hi Mike and a big welcome to GADC from North of the “Watford Gap”… :grinning:

And as if by magic.

Welcome to GADC Mike.

Checkout and add yourself to the Members Map, there are sure to be folks in your neck of the woods.

Any questions don’t be afraid to ask, the locals don’t usually bite.

Look forward to seeing some of your photos and videos, if sharing is your thing.

@milkmanchris Thanks for the kind welcome! Looks like a great community and looking forward to sharing soon.

@SeaHunter my rents live up in Silsden, Yorkshire so I occasionally drift north of ‘the gap’ and I certainly look forward to flying up there soon!


It is a great group. Plenty of help and guidance, and lots of info on places to fly, along with regular meetups that will happen now that the lockdown is easing.

Also feel free to flag up any of @FIREFOX 's posts. He loves it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: