Newbie questions - Potensic drones

Hi all,
I am a newbie so please take it easy on me :wink:
A few weeks ago i bought a Potensic T18 and really enjoyed learning how to use it…although I did lose it once when the RTH button didn’t seem to work and it flew off and landed in a farmer’s field.

I have now upgraded to a D80 and really struggled at first as it’s so fast but am getting the hang of it now…just. I must say that I find the RTH button just incredible and so helpful.

My questions:

  1. I am finding that the D80 lands anywhere within a 4 meter radius when using Return To Home, is this expected?
  2. I am finding that I lose wifi connection above certain altitudes and distances and therefore lose video to my phone, and yet can still fly the drone fine. Why could I lose wifi like this, please?
  3. RTH button - do drones always rise to maximum altitude first before flying back?

Hi buel10 your camera feed is WiFi through the app that’s how it drops off beforeThe max distance of your drone.
your flight transmission signal is prob 2.4ghz as seen here in the spec

Hi there, thanks for that. Can anything be done? Would inserting a mem card solve this?
Also, can anyone else with my RTH questions?

I’m not familiar with your drone but if it doesn’t have a downward facing Vision Position System then yes, you can reasonable expect it to land anywhere within a 5m radius due to the lack of GPS-only accuracy.

All drones handle the RTH actions differently. Some are configurable, some are preset/forced, some use a series of “IF THIS” type rules and conditions to determine what their RTH actions are. Does your app offer any advanced settings?