Newbie Stamford, Lincs

I am retired and returning to drone flying after a break of 5 years or so.
I live in Stamford, LINCS.
I have a little used DJI PHANTOM 2 VISION + which I bought nearly new.
After getting it out of storage realised there were some problems:

  1. FPV issue
  2. Loading Assistant on Windows 10
  3. Non DJI battery dead
    Have now sorted these and ready to get flying and filming again. Just need to sort out some nearby locations. Am registered as well.



Welcome Kevin to GADC.

Nice part of the world up there :slight_smile:

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

There should be some nice areas to fly out your way, only issues would be Wittering I’d imagine.

I’m from the Deepings and like to fly out Greatford way, there’s loads of nice countryside around :+1:t3:

Hi Kevin and welcome to GADC.

Thanks. I know Greatford. Are the farmers friendly there?
I wondering if I should get under the magic 250 weight as rules are not so restrictive for those.

Thanks. It really is.
Thinking of getting a DJI Mini under the 250 weight as rules not so restrictive so more possible sites available. Would keep the P2V+ though.

I’ve never had any issue there, but I fly a mini 1 and fly from the footpath from the second field past the river if you know the area I mean :+1:t3:

Thanks. Is that off the Baston or Carlby Road? Or is it the road that takes you to the level crossing? Or the owner Greatford road to King At.
River bends round so many roads.

Just looking on Google maps. Shillingthorpe Park looks an interesting area. Have you flown there?

It’s the one heading to the crossing on the right hand side, space to park a couple of cars at the gate. Just have to watch for the cows if about.

Don’t know that park, when the weather picks up and we are allowed out more I plan on exploring with my motorbike to find some good places to fly :slightly_smiling_face:

That could well be by the track to the park looking at the map.
If I get out there I will let you know.

Yep just looked that’s the place, I fly from there and use the loan tree in the middle for 360 panning practice :+1:t3:

Last time I was there, there was a bird of prey flying around but wasn’t interested in my mini in the slightest :slightly_smiling_face:

@KevLincoln welcome