Night Lapse

I’ve been playing with night lapses and settings for years but never been happy with the end result, normally too much artificial light or too bright of a moon or too much cloud coverage.

Or GoPro did an update that drained the battery before the scheduled capture took place.

Finally conditions were good last weekend post some snow and I got this. Not perfect but in post managed to add some colour grading and reduce noise and it’s been a better learning curve for future shots.

3 hour lapse in 30 seconds

Now I just need to get back to Iceland and try northern lights again.

Let me know your thoughts,



Great job Steve well worth the effort :+1:t2: Hope you can get to Iceland for the Northern lights, that would be awesome!

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Cheers Steve, practice makes perfect

Was there a couple of years ago, just before this COVID malarkey, just the most incredible place.

Saw the lights then but only a little and realised it’s because we went when there was a full moon, rookie error and know fir next year.

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If you fall asleep during a night-lapse … is that narcolapsy?


How long have you been holding onto that one :joy:

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That’s really good, what was your time period between shots?

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15second shutter speed and it was set to auto interval,

On the GoPro as oppose to manually taking photos and stitching it does it all for you, I record in pro tune so I can set iso and white balance to avoid any flashes

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