Nikon D3500 300mm Lens-Helicopter

Really not used it much but so happy I took it with me on site last week!

Grey Arrows B & W 2|690x460


Those are great shots.

Keep thinking about selling my Sigma 150-500mm cuz it’s such a lump to carry but it just has the ‘extra legs’ for getting shots like these.

Yeh was thinking of selling mine as barely use but keeping hold of it now @FFf

Like everything else, sell it because you haven’t used it for months then regret it within weeks.

Always do ha ha

Cracking shots Mark :+1:t2:

eerrmm is it just me or has the trapeze artist done a flyer ?? maybe the next shot is of someone on the end of that safety line screaming like a demon or doing a Harry Houdini ?

DO NOT sell that lens - take it out every day as the only lens on your camera for a week to remind yourself just how good it is.

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Will do @silverfox682 yes decided to keep now :+1: