No flying today, bloody weather!


The one day off I get all week and it won’t stop bloody raining :roll_eyes:

Too windy to fly too :-1:

Newbie pilot

Shite here in the midlands also. So glad I took Friday off and got some flying in. Was a little windy, but flyable (just)


Had planned on going out this afternoon after the Grand prix but it’s now raining.


Yep same here. Going to watch countryfile for the weather report for this week


Ha! They can’t be any less accurate than the weather app(s) on my phone I’m sure - it’s bloody different every single time I look at it! I’m sure they make it up as they go along :rofl:


Download Accuweather. Hands down the best weather app ive ever used!!!


Cheers @dancarpy - just downloaded it to my phone now, will let you know how it goes over the next few days :+1:


Tell me about it. Just spent five days down near Worthing and even found a couple of great flying spots but could I get my bird up? Hah! The one perfect day was spoilt by hordes of people packing out the area. Don’t they know the beach is a place to fly drones, not lie about sunning yourself? :rage:


Anyone else getting serious withdrawal symptoms?!

I said it before but it needs saying again…

Bloody weather!!!


Blue skies? :heavy_check_mark:
Billiant sunshine? :heavy_check_mark:
Free time? :heavy_check_mark:
Effin’ windy? :heavy_check_mark:


2 inches of snow here and 20+mph winds.
Saturday looking good though. :+1:


Ditto … depending on which forecast one looks at.
All say low winds … cloud varies from 0% to 90% in the morning. All agree cloudy in the PM.


The weather is getting beyond a joke now :cry:


You are not wrong.
“Pink” = Snow!


Persisting down here, again… :disappointed:


Forecasts were as inaccurate as usual.
Is there any other job where you can be consistently incorrect and not be sacked?


One word … Trump. :smile:


crap here too in Northants, At least I have something to mess about with up to a point because “muppet here” forgot to order a RX with it :scream:


The plan is to use it for a quick flight to get rid of cabin fever.


Not down here in the Southampton area, but there’s been lots if snow in many parts of the country … but not seen any drone pics of it yet.

There’s not been a single snowflake all winter around here! :frowning:


Oh … brilliant! :angry: