No flying today, bloody weather!


Most sensible people fly into the wind on the outward journey, then return with the wind behind the drone.
Useful tip to be aware of if you are heading into the wind, shove it into sport mode !.
Speed sometime can out way battery life, but, be aware of the battery percentage if you do this !


Thanks for the advice Chris - not sure I’m happy being identified as ‘not sensible’ though. You live and learn in situations such as this.


No worry’s Eric , was not implying anything, just a bit of personal advice that you pick up on the way to successful flights.


Hi Chris, that’s exactly how I take it mate - hadn’t stopped to consider that when I took the flight, most certainly WILL take it into account in future :+1:


Not looking too great for the weekend either :roll_eyes:


Speed scale - mph/kph/kts? Hopefully not m/s. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it might be leagues per fortnight - although I could be wrong :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That would be very flyable!



Pfffffftttt… Weather forecasters… what do they know eh? :roll_eyes:


I have a little project underway to show just how little. :wink:


Well… seeing as the weathers crap - i figured i’d try out a simulator.
Simulator downloaded and installed.
Oh … what’s this…? supported controllers…ok…must have one…oh yea…xbox controller.
Plugged in…why ain’t it working ? Oh… I need a driver.
Download … installed driver…FFS…my brand spanking new imac is now bricked !
Overcome with an attack of turrets !!!
Time machine ‘restore time remaining’ keeps going up and up not down. 7h33m.
Guess it’s a night in front of the telly.




Oh no, hope you sort it out.


Sorted. Just like new !


Tidy (In my best Welsh accent :grinning:)


Fog possibility alert - Southampton to Chichester area - Tuesday morning. :+1:

Edit: Mon 13:40 : Still better than 50/50 chance - could be freezing fog. #Eeek!


In other news ……


It’s great here today :smiley:
4mph @100m
The difference it makes to battery life is astonishing.
15km in the air and landed with 20% remaining - flying with a mix of Sport & Position :+1:
(Doing laps around the local park to break the new battery in :wink: )


Here too - blue skies and 10mph winds - waiting for a frigging delivery!