No flying today, bloody weather!


Actually, huge fun, too.


They have little LEDs, too … so you can do silly things like this in the living room. Hehe!
(Looking back for the pic I discovered I’ve had them three years!)


Sunny they, forecast!
Blue skies, they forecast!
Warm, they forecast!

FOG! … even Southampton Airport isn’t fully operating.


Thick fog here in Bournemouth too. Blooming typical


Clear blue sky today, family commitments though so can’t go.


It’s clearing, here, near Southampton.


Its decent flying weather here but I just can’t be arsed moving!

Think my days going to consist of beer, horses football and gambling.

I’ve hid the drones under a towel to stop them giving me a guilt trip.


It’s cleared enough here, sunny but a tad hazy, to be feeling significantly conspicuous in a thick winter jacket.


Can’t work out what the weather’s going to do here. Sunny one minute and black clouds the next.

Plan today was to get a few pano’s for comparison.

Hangar 360
Hangar 360 stitched Lightroom
DJI GO 4 stitched Lightroom
Litchi stitched Lightroom.

Hopefully get out and get it done.


I reckon this is the best weather forecasting method


I noticed someone mentioned Hanger creates 20 images.
Go4 creates 34, so far better overlap for alignment on tricky ones.

Chances are Hanger app/server knows the relative position of the 20, so can align really easily.
I think the Go4 app also uses knowledge of the relative position to do most of the alignment, then image comparison for final tweeking.


As for weather … it’s been grey and spitting for ages, but this load of shizzle is gonna be here very soon. :frowning:


@Abacus is that available on Andriod? :rofl:


People in the south … clear skies from about midnight, very high humidity and falling temperatures and decreasing wind means there’s a slight possibility of low lying fog tomorrow morning.

The wind may not decrease enough for the fog to form but, if it does, there’s a good chance of shots from hills of “sunshine on foggy valleys bellow” scenes.

Setting my alarm!

(Currently rain is piss-istantly falling … ramping up that humidity nicely.)


Today wasn’t the day for a panorama comparison.

Took 2 with Hangar and 1 with litchi but drone was moving 2mph due to wind.

No pano’s in sport mode so not holding up much hope for results.

Wish I’d increased standard speed when playing with NLD as that would probably have solved it.


Had mine out this morning. Found some low cloud. Very disorientating.


Pictures please :grimacing:


What … could POSSIBLY … go wrong! :stuck_out_tongue:


Where’s that for Dave… Tenerife? :open_mouth:

Miserable up here but thats nothing new.

Thursday’s to be nice.


Just Eastleigh … aka Beastleigh for many justifiable reasons … right next to Southampton Airport.