No flying today, bloody weather!


No need to add anything to this …


Apart from “Ah ffs…” :roll_eyes:

It’s never going to end!!! :snowflake: :wind_face:


Summer is Thursday.
(Autumn starts Friday)


… EVEN in Wigan! :+1::+1:


Lol :smiley:


batteries were charged for Sunday but haven’t been able to fly since. Should I manually discharge them now or will they be good to go with a quick top up on Thursday …


If they are near full, topping up isn’t advised.

So - it depends when the auto-discharge for storage is set to if they’ll have done this before Thursday. Probably not if still at default setting.

I have my setting at 7 days, and if I fly on the 6th I’ve not noticed any variation in flying time for the very small discharge that will have taken place.


As above, no top up needed.

To reset the self discharge timer just press the power button every couple of days.

Think 10 days is the default, so if I’ve not flown by day 9 and I know I’ll be out in a few days I usualy press power button on them to stop it discharging.

Lipos don’t like being stored long term with a high charge hence DJIs auto discharge. Takes it down to 40 or 50%.

Worst thing you can do with a lipo is fly with it until low charge then store it.




#Arse! I’d forgotten to put my car’s MOT retest in my diary! … so I can’t go anywhere!


You were talking about the MOT the other day mate lol.


Thought it was on Friday. :angry: :gun:


@PingSpike It got even better …


Working all week mate :frowning:

It’ll probably piss down at the weekend now :roll_eyes:

Typical eh?


I’m a clairvoyant … I predict 48hr flu! :stuck_out_tongue:



Awesome drone weather, here, all day!

No more than 6mph winds all day. :heavy_check_mark:
Not a single cloud all day :heavy_check_mark:
Temps well over 25C. :heavy_check_mark:

Which is also perfect weather for painting fences, apparently! :heavy_check_mark:


Goodness … what a brains numbing job that is!


Not that I’d be flying at this time of night, anyway … but, currently, epic thunder/lightning storm outside.

I wonder … :thinking:

Edit: OK … enormous hail stones, now. I’ll stop contemplating. :stuck_out_tongue:


All three MP batteries have done their auto-discharge.
It’s been that kind of weather … :frowning:


It’s been pretty grey here, took a few shots this morning but they aren’t very interesting. Where did the blue sky go?