No green square in mini 3 pro tracking

Before asking, did you try a search first?
Yes, I did :smiling_face:
I’m using a mini3 pro with a standard RC.

I put the drone in the air the requisite distance away and try to draw a box around myself or any other object…and nothing happens.

No green X, no green box.

I’m obviously missing something vital- but what? Help would be much appreciated before I hurl the whole caboodle under the train I can’t track.


This should help

Thank you - but my point is that the instructions say start active track by putting the drone in the air and drawing a box or tapping on the subject.
And no green box appears. It’s as though the RC doesn’t recognise my finger.
Despite me constantly giving it one…

Have you tried enabling subject scanning

I haven’t, as according to the manual it isn’t a necessity. But that’s a good suggestion - I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

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You definitely have a DJI Mini 3 Pro version

I do, yes…model rm330. But here’s a thing: from the mini 3 pro manual “Focus Track is disabled when using a wide angle lens or ND filter”.


Yes that will be your problem, I’m my opinion they are useless anyway

That’s the RC controller, I asked if the drone was the Mini 3 Pro