No Limit Dronez (NLD) DJI Flysafe Unlock Certificate

Free DJI unlock certs now available from NLD.


FPV Racer, Mavic Air2, Mavic Air2S, Mini 2, Mavic Mini, Mini SE, Mavic 2 PRO/ZOOM, Mavic 2 Ent., Mavic 2 Ent. Advanced, Mavic 2 Ent. Dual, P4Pv2, Matrice 300, Matrice 200v2, Matrice 200, AGRAS T30 and AGRAS T20 are supported

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Just a quick info,

Firmware flashing and downgrade for all the newly supported drones are not implemented yet. We are working on downgrade hacks for all and we will soon be able to downgrade any drone from any firmware

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Ive used a similar cert on my mavic 2 pro after endless issues trying to get (legal) unlocks for areas and failing due to DJIs implementation, no signal or random bugs.
It just works. But use responsibly.

Wont work on newer firmware Mini 3 or Mavic 3s though sadly.