No OSD after upgrading SharkByte Camera

Ok so finally got around to fitting my new HDZero Micro cam today in the hope of getting out for a couple of hours tomorrow. All fitted and the camera is working and looking great :+1:t2: However, the OSD that was working fine before the upgrade, is now not displaying? I updated the firmware of the RX module and the TX5M.1 VTX to the latest available on the HDZero website as instructed by the paperwork that came with the camera but I have no OSD at all? Also the new LQ reading in the top left of the screen is displaying 0 even though I have a great picture and I’m right next to the quad? Any ideas :thinking:
@notveryprettyboy Have you come across this or anything similar at all Karl?

Could it be a PAL/NTSC mismatch?
Have you set the same as you used with the previous cam ?

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Oh good thinking Steve, I’ve not actually checked any of the camera settings thinking it was a case of plug n play :man_facepalming: I’ll take a look now cheers :+1:t2:

I’ve not put the latest fw on. But i’ve heard some people have had to flash the first firmware then the newest. I’m on 20/10/21. Are you on 28/10/21?

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I’m just flashing the 2010 version now to see if that helps. I’ve tried getting into the camera settings like Steve suggested but neither the joystick or the radio sticks are working to bring up the settings menu so I’m thinking there was an issue with the firmware :crossed_fingers:t2:

So I’ve flashed it to the 2010 version and it’s now working. I’m going to try updating to the 2810 version now and see if it stays working, if not I will just go back to the 2010 version again :+1:t2:

Ok so after reflashing to the 2810 version it’s now all working fine including the LQ reading and also access to camera settings via the remote sticks :+1:t2: Cheers guys