No photos on SD card? (Mavic Air)

I finally managed to get the drone out today, Awesome afternoon out had some amazing views, but once I uploaded micro sd card to pc its showing no photos, yet on the go 4 app via playback its showing the raw files, how can I retrieve them even tried USB from drone to pc

PC? As in Windows PC? Which windows version mate?

Did you take any photos? Or only videos? Sorry, your post is a little unclear as you mention ‘playback’ on the GO4 app :blush:

Doesn’t the Air have an internal memory as well as the SD card? Might be on that?

Using Windows 10
On the go 4 app bottom right corner you can view images

No tried that

Would need to connect to the Air (switched on) using the computer … I believe it shows up as a drive and you can copy them. (Never had an Air, myself … :wink: )

Done that it doesn’t show the card even though its in

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Not the SD card … an internal storage.

Yeah nothing on it

It shows as a drive OK?

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Clarity check…

With the drone powered on and connected via USB cable, Windows can’t see the memory card / device?

Can you explain this? Do you mean you put the SD card in the PC using a card reader of some sorts? If so, did windows see the card, and there are no photos on the card?

Or could Windows not even see the card? :thinking:

Have you installed the Assistant 2 program on the computer? I think it needs the drivers that installs to be able to (properly) see the internal memory on the Air.

Yeah that’s OK just doesn’t show any sd card

OK il try that, thanks for the help it’s so annoying I can see them but can’t transfer them

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I have a MA.

It didn’t need me to update drivers to see the card whether in the drone or via a card reader. This is windows 10.

What does the config say about where it is storing the images? If internal, then plug drone in to the PC and turn it on. It will appear as a drive. To avoid any confusion, remove the SD card. If nothing there, then images must be on SD card. So, remove drone and plug in SD card.

If it can’t see or read that then the issue is either drivers or the card has a fault. Tray another PC or Mac if you can.

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Yeah it’s definitely on the sd card as when I switch the go 4 app on and look at the images via playback its showing 20 raw files

its telling me to format the card on pc, I did that in the drone, if I format it it will loose all the images

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OK - so put the card back into the drone and plug it in to the PC and then power on.

If you already have explorer open it should show two new drive letters appearing.

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Try the card in another computer that is windows 7 or XP, it may be that the card is somehow not formatted right for win 10.