No Return to home since update

Maybe I’m being dense but I don’t have a return to home button since the latest firmware update, just the land option…

What have I done??

It’s on the controller ?

Which drone? Which app? :man_shrugging:

Sorry, everyone it was late when I posted that. I work in IT and I hate it when my customers don’t provide all the information!!

So, Its the DJI Mini2, the latest version of DJI Fly (v1.2.1 as v1.2.2 isn’t available to me yet) and I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra phone. It was there as I’ve used it before (obv.) but yesterday I noticed it wasn’t.

I’m going to put the drone up for a little testing today so I will update this later but has anyone else seen this??

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Hey @whitepixels I have a Note Ultra too and you can get the Fly App V1.2.2 via direct download. See link below supplied kindly by @PingSpike

I would try downloading and installing that first incase your current firmware has issues running with the V1.2.1 version of the App. Good luck :+1:t2:


Also worth pointing out is, in the Fly App settings under the Safety tab in Advanced Safety Settings at the bottom there is an option for what happens if signal is lost. 3 options available are

  1. RTH 2) Descend 3) Hover

I have mine set to RTH but whether or not this will affect the options on your main screen while flying I don’t know as I’ve never tested. Also remember you always have the RTH button on the controller itself :+1:t2:

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