No video feed from Caddx Vista and no stick movements in Betaflight

Quick question if I have BF OSD but no picture would you say this is a camera issue? …

Lens cap on?

Its probably the mipi cable, if not the camera. Check the connections at both ends of the mipi to make sure they haven’t worked loose.

Yah I was thinking the same as double check the wiring due to soldering to the FC now as I think the JST connector is faulty …

I have a new cable and camera I can try it on :+1:t3:

Well got a picture and BF OSD :+1:t3:

The only thing I still don’t have is stick or switch input, this is my layout is there anything I’m missing ??

bf ports settings?

What pad is the Sbus connected to? Looks like that is on Uart 1? What is the fc board that youre using so we can check the wiring diagram properly?

If you set Uart 1 as Serial RX and resolder your tx and rx from the vista to Uart 2 and then set Uart 2 as MSP I think that will get you running

Sbus is on Uart 1 and being that this is not an F7 board you wont be able to just stick the Sbus on any Uart. You will need to do as I said above Nick :point_up:t2:

Infact you would probably be better off using the connector if you have the correct wiring harness to plug into it. Are you running the Vista from the 5V pad? Should be a minimum of 7.4V (2S) to power a vista

I can’t see an rx2 pad. He might have to use the connector

I am running off 5v

Not gonna work properly and your video will probably cut out. If you use the connector like Karl said you will have Vbat to power the Vista. Better option for sure

Oky doky back to the connector it is :frowning: answers my previous post about cheap boards :roll_eyes: thanks as always :+1:t3:

Well changed back to the plug and have just the same video and BF OSD but no controls . Is it just a case this board isn’t compatible ???

Has this ever worked? Or is this a new board that youve not used before? Wiring looks right (although the colours are wrong) lol
Have you tried checking continuity from the pins on the back of the connector to the pads on the vista (while powered down)?

Yah new board cheap and cheerful one from BG, nope never had it up and running to be honest. Yah noted at last min the colours were the wrong way round :man_facepalming:t3:

I will give it a good coat of testing, iv never bothered in the past due to it being new :man_shrugging:t3:

Ok found the issue, it was the Vista, I tried it with one I had repaired and it worked fine. The naked one was the original one hence must of been damaged at the same time as the FC.
That said Iv tested it and normally if the diodes have gone it tests to earth, so whether its the chip but I do have vtx so who knows. I will have to strip it down as its got to be a naked then I will have a look at the other one, might just be the ribbon cable between the 2 halves :man_shrugging:t3:

Hmmm just reading through previous post and found the below, worth a punt :+1:t3:

Not sure Ill be that luck :crossed_fingers:t3: