Normal and quiet props

met up with mickydd today and did a quick check of quiet props and here is the video Mike did


The Props are the cheap ones from amazon
i also got the DJI ones that are more expensive and no diffrent


They’re definitely a different pitch aren’t they?

They are we tried DJI and the cheaper ones no difference probably made in the same factory prices where
DJI. £9.20 per pair
Amazon for set of 4 £11.99
I am sure there are cheaper out there

Ok this may be a little geeky but I have bought a landing pad and will be trying that out next flight to see if it is worth having item in your kit does anyone else use one?

Ooohhhhh yes!

I use mine on about 99% of all my flights :+1:

Most of my flights I’m either taking off from grass or soft mucky ground, car parks with loose dusty gravel etc. I don’t want my Mavic to be either strimming the grass or sucking in dust :blush:

I’ve got one of those reversible ones (which folds up to fit in the ruck sack well) so I use whichever side gives the most contrasting colour to the surface I’m taking off from - works well with the precision landing features :+1:

Plus, when you get home, if it’s mucky just a quick blast with the hose pipe and stand it up to dry out in no time at all.

Spot the pad :wink:

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The big green thing…

This is what I got PingSpike comes with bags that can hold it down instead of using spikes

Had to get me binoculars out to find that…
Was looking in the centre of the roundabout for ages…
Will have to buy one.
Cow and Calf at Ilkley was nice this weekend.

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Yup, that’s the exact same pad I have :+1:

I’ve never used the spikes though, it’s pretty stable as-is.

its not as windy in wigan…

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