North Norfolk Coast

It was a bit (ahem) windy yesterday at the coast, but it was still a beautiful day. I started ignoring “High wind velocity” warnings ages ago, but I was a bit worried when I saw how little progress flying into the wind the Mavic was making, so I limited myself to straight up and down again

It was more quiet I land, but it turns out yellow fields are not uniform, the rape flowers are very patchy from above and look a right mess!


Hi Renni
Out of curiosity where are these taken ?

Love the second pic there @Renni-Aire :+1:

Not really sure where the rape field is, on an inland country lane somewhere near Choseley. The beach is Brancaster.

Earlier in the day we’d stopped at the Raw Milk machine in Binham - tastes amazing, recommended if you’re in the area

If you where at brancaster there is a wreck to the right of the golf course
Have visited several times in the last 50years and tried to walk to it or even swim so guess what I will be doing when I go down there later this year

Can be seen at low tied btw

Indeed there is, the SS Vina, last used as target practice. We did get across to her, seemed to be a lot less of her than the last time we were there (but not been over to her for a few years). Not sure if she’d broken up more, or if the sand had built up more, maybe a bit of both. She’s in the photo below.

For those who don’t know, you can wade across to her around low tide, when the water is about thigh deep. But, the current from the river is pretty strong (next stop Hull) and it’s easy to get cut off, as you cannot see the water coming in and cutting you off from the wreck itself - people have died. Which is a bit unfortunate as the island itself, while it would be a long wait, doesn’t go under water.


That’s it
Thanks I didn’t see it on your previous photo