Northern Ireland/ROI

I’m going to be on the island for a week at end of November and a week in middle of December. I’m sorted out for how to be able to fly in the republic, just waiting on my details/ID being verified. On both weeks I will be flying into Belfast and then driving to Buncrana, out on a Sunday lunchtime and home on a Saturday lunchtime so I should have some spare time on my hands. Midweek I’ll most likely be working till around 5pm. Is there any point in taking a drone? Will it be worth the effort and £30 fee? I’ll have a choice of mini2 and air2 (fingers crossed) as well as a dslr and various lenses.

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Remember clocks go back so be dark by 5pm.

County Donegal if a fantastic place to fly especially bouncing of the Wild Atlantic Way to viewpoints.

Presume you be traveling towards Londonderry and if so I recommend the causeway coastal Route.

Understand weather and light is going to be your biggest enemy as it rains a fuffing lot over here, @FatController be best advice up that part of the country.

Overall, the scenery in Donegal generally and the Inishowen specifically is worth taking the a drone for, but your limiting factor will be daylight, and if you’re working to 5pm there will be precious little of that.

I guess the question is how much spare space you have and whether you mind using it for bringing the drone, given you may not get to fly it.

Personally, I’d bring it, on the offchance, but that’s just me.

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cheers for the replies so far guys. I am an early riser so the clocks going back might suit me for some early morning stuff. Plus I’ll be touching down in Belfast early afternoon on Sunday and a drive over to Buncrana, so dependant on weather I’d be able to get some flights in. I have travelled the causeway coastal route many times but not with a drone. maily film SLR and some medium format stuff. I used to work in Collereaine every 6 weeks so I am quite familiar with that part of the country. As far as space is concerened I will be travelling with hold luggage and a rucksack, the rucksack can easilly pack a drone and an SLR with several lenses. It’s slightly oversize but easyjet never bother to check dimensions, so space is not an issue

You may be able to get some nice sunset footage on the Sunday or sunrise footage on the Saturday morning if the weather cooperates then :+1:

Don’t forget to share what you do record.

@mynameisjoe Fort Dunree is worth a visit and it’s only 15 minutes away from Buncrana Fort Dunree | Inishowen Peninsula | Donegal. Great scenery, old World War buildings and a lighthouse. There is no need to book tickets if you’re not visiting the museum as the site is open and you can wander around and explore the old buildings even when the the fort is closed.

Hi, Joe
We are entering winter here and the clocks will have gone back one hour so it will be dark from about 4:30 in the afternoon. There are lots of great places to fly on your drive to Donegal. I suppose it will be weather permitting and also when you are free during the day. I not sure if it would be worth bringing the drone if you where not going to be able to guarantee some daytime space in your workflow because outside of 9 to 5 you would not have the light. If you are possibly staying over a weekend you may have a chance then. Sorry not to be more encouraging but I put my mini 2 away over the winter months as where I live I’m hemmed in by airports, the national trust and ASSI,s so I have to drive a fair distance before I fly.:disappointed:
Regards Simon

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Well I’ve now got my IAA operator ID and and UAS-A1-A3 certificate, so at least I am now legal to fly. I will haave two days of travelling in daylight hours, so weather permitting I should be able to get in some flying time. I’ll keep an eye on the forecasts closer to the time though. All I have to do now is decide on the Mini2 or the Air2, possibly both!!!

Weather is looking crap, but my bag is packed with a DSLR, 3 lenses, small flash, two drones, spare batteries, laptop, tablet. I couldn’t resist being a little mischievous

If u get strip searched you know why :wink: