Turquoise water up in the mountains.

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I need to start travelling when the kids have jobs. Your pics are mint.

Norway, is my favourite country for flying drones.
Great Shots !

Doesn’t really matter where you go in Norway, everywhere you look the scenery is gorgeous.
It was 17 years ago last time I was there. Did 3000 miles touring around on motorbike, just blown away by the sights :heart_eyes:

My wife is Norwegian. We toured on our motorcycle from Bergan up to Vos then cross country to her brothers house just outside Oslo. I was amazed at the beauty as we wound our way across high peacks. Stopping at the top and gazing down at a fjord. ( a must visit to put on your bucket list ).x

It is indeed amazing countryside. However in 19 days of driving around fjords, we only ended up launching the drone three times. The main reason is that most of the fjords have a mountain up the side with the road cut into it, and only a very few constructed stopping places — there is simply nowhere to pull up except those places (which are not permitted launch locations). Some of the touristy sights have no-drones signs, and fair enough too when you see the hoards that pour out of the cruise ships and coaches. Then there is weather - plenty of rain and wind. However, we did find a couple of spectacular spots where we were completely on our own and had a great time flying.