Not a bad part of the world to live and work

taken as part of a video for a local jewellery company, full editing version to follow


Are we allowed to know where this is? :thinking:

The topic title doesn’t give much away :blush:

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Fairly certain it’s St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall.


bang on, in marazion and a still from a different angle


One of my favourite places down that neck of the woods.

Fond memories of walking across there as the tide is going out.

Great example of as close you can get to an NT site as well


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yeah did get told off but knew the guy quite well so didn’t get teasy just told me I should know better!

the causeway is NT property as well.

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Just head back to the cottages and TOAL from there lol

Good to know that he was easy going though. Not like you’re upsetting anyone by flying there.

What a shot.

wellllll there was about 30 people waiting to cross while we were shooting the vids, we had a handheld gimbal working as well.

so a few were getting impatient


Hello from Cornwall. I’m surprised you didn’t fall foul from the harbour master at St Michaels Mount near Penzance I’m told he dislikes drone operators intensely even taking his launch out of the harbour trying to find the operator, a very nice if a little short video.
Perhaps I will venture out that way some time.


Sounds like a mass meeting in marazion is in order

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where abouts are you base Jon

Hello Lee. I’m in Redruth, didn’t do any flying last year due to covid and two stays in Hospital but all well now so if we get some good weather I’ll try and get out.
I did do a nice vid taking off from the Hayle basin and flying out to sea turning around Carbis bay beach which was very nice, I plan to do one of the bay from Hayle causeway when we manage to get some good weather but at the moment it’s not good but who knows when it’s going to be good ??

HI Jon
I’m based in Praze, be good to catch up sometime,

if you mean the causeway by the estuary, if so not allowed as in the middle of the bird sanctuary

but be good to have a fly around together