Not flown in months


the last time I flew was in feb and since then I have had a breakdown and covid. I am trying to get my mojo back and desperately want to get going again. Not even sure why I am posting, maybe to make me see words and get back in the game of life and droning. I struggle with any sort of motivation at the moment and dear me I do miss getting some amazing views and the scary thrill of a flock of gulls attacking the drone :smiley:


Just get batteries charged and off you pop buddy lol, once that bird is in the air you’ll forget everything but the screen in front of you and wonder why you didn’t get out more, I know I did :grin::grin::+1: happy flying


Take a look at the Birthday Competition GADC have just put up, that could give you some motivation to visit different places and more importantly get flying again!


Monday this week was the first time I’d flown in 4 months and after getting over the hump of battery charging, updates, weather & NATS checks - I really did enjoy it and will be out again today. :+1: :+1: :+1:
Fully agree with Connor - it was the GADC Birthday Comp that got me up off my best feature and out flying again - give it a go - once you’re out flying the thrill returns very quickly :+1: :+1: :+1:


It’s not only you, I’ve not flown since September last year. Combination of factors really - time, holiday to South Africa (no point in taking a drone, they’re pretty much banned anywhere interesting), skiing trip to France (did take the MP, but trying to find anywhere that it was ok to fly without a major trek through snow was too much like hard work) and then COVID.

But, I was all ready yesterday afternoon for the competition for the easy one for me - combine harvesters - batteries charged. And then they started the harvest in the field next to us later than usual, and as next door had arranged to cook us dinner as a thank you (socially distanced on the patio) for getting her shopping in this COVID world, that was the end of that - I didn’t feel I could bugger off halfway through to get my photo! Not sure what time the harvest finished - sometime around 3.00am I think.

But, I agree, the competition is a great way to get you motivated again.


Lateral thinking time!

“Oh - lets have a dronie of us having dinner on the patio!”

"Oh - I seem to have a fly away … this might take a few minutes … "



Feel for you!.. But, charge them up, check it all, make sure all firmware etc is up to date, then get out somewhere quiet and fly the arse off it! Enjoy!

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Where are you based? Perhaps you could hook up with some of the members here as well so you can enjoy flying with a wingman. Sorry to hear about your struggles but we got to keep sending you up, Mav! Damn, this kid’s goooood!


Hey Mark, just know you’re not alone in this.

On the drone thing, my advice is make sure all the software is up to date then just start the rotors up and see how you feel. If you don’t want to fly then great, you’ve established it still works. If you do, then push up on that stick. Either way, go at your own pace.


Hi Mate, you are making the hardest step of all by getting back out and in the air, if by breakdown you mean in a mental health sense, feel free to pm me. Posting publicly about mental health takes real balls and I commend anyone who does. It helps to slowly remove the unnecessary stigma surrounding it.

I too have experienced a breakdown from PTSD left untreated and under the surface for over 10 years admitting I had a problem (reluctantly) and seeking help was the best thing that ever happened to me and speaking openly about it helps the more and more I do it, I always seen it as a cliché ‘talk to someone it will help’ so if you ever feel the desire to speak openly drop me a message because it actually does help.

If I have misinterpreted what you ment then disregard what I just said :joy:


MarkR Sorry to here about you been unwell.
Think the advice of charging the batteries and getting out and once in the air you’ll love it again. Is good.
Why not do that but take a nice little walk somewhere nice and then give in a little flight.
Think getting out will be good. Its the just getting up and going.
Good luck :+1:

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Nope you hit the nail on the head mate. I have a severe alcohol problem due to various things and a full break down just as Covid kicked in… So getting help was difficult. I have counselling via Skype but not cheap and not great. Necking vodka at 7am is not my idea of a good life. I’m not ashamed and I had admitted it to several people but I just want it sorting as I have lost my moho…


PS thanks for the reply and thank you for sharing… I have tears in my eyes right now and not sure if grey arrows want thi kind of post on their forums… Sorry

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The purpose of this forum seems to be to get people together so that they can help each other. And it seems as if quite a few of us have or have had problems that required help.

Take comfort in the fact that we have all faced demons so can perhaps begin to understand your situation. And take courage in the fact that, although only you can conquer your own demons there are plenty of us cheering you on from the sidelines and here to advise and help where we can.


Couldn’t put it any better :wink:


Thank you… Looking at 28 day rehab but Holy shit it isn’t cheap.


You have made one of the hardest steps by admitting you have a problem and seeking to fix it, that in it self should make you proud. Its a long road and there will be speed bumps along the way but keep your chin up and you will reep the rewards.

In your lower spells get the drone out and loose yourself in the veiw. :+1:

Wish you the best of luck :+1:


Thanks again. Going to try and get my arse out tomorrow. Cheers


Tough post to make mate, took some balls. Little at a time for the rehab/recovery and finding things that can keep you from the drink and give you something to focus on to me would be the way to go. Having not been in that position all I can offer is words, hope you get yourself through it and get back to doing things you enjoy.


thank you… I am booked in and will go in in the next couple of weeks.

It has given me a passion to get rid of the stigma of mental health and drinking. I do feel a sense of pride I have admitted it and doing so much to get out of this malaise. I have lost several family members to this and I’m not going to be one of them. I just had a huge deep in take of breath and know life will get better.

All started for me as a teenager/early 20s, zero self esteem and confidence, alcohol gave me that, then after so much, it had the opposite effect… couldn’t talk as I was so hammered. Now 20+ years later it hasn’t changed… but so much worse. However, counselling and hypnotherapy have given me my self esteem and I am less anxious talking and meeting people than ever before.

I’ve been too drunk to go and fly and I have to change this ASAP as good grief I live near some amazing places and would love to go 1st thing but my answer is, just 1, so then I cannot drive.

I have rambled on again, but I (I typed words could and thing, but I mean) KNOW THIS WILL be life changing for me and my wife.