Not just a clip of a tree

Wanted to do a circle around this lone tree in the middle of a field, thought nothing more of it until I got home and reviewed the footage. You need to view in at least 1080p but there is actually a guy in a hunting hide beneath the tree, he has several pigeon decoys scattered about and he actually shoots a pigeon out of the sky a couple of seconds after I pass his line of sight (@37 seconds)
Lucky he didn’t take offence to the drone being there!!


This is the hide…

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These are the decoys…

This is the unfortunate pigeon falling from the sky

Phew, close call :grinning:

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Pigeon Pie comes to mind, he/she should be able to make a pie for the family with all them

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I imagine your man was not best pleased with an inquisitive drone noisily orbiting the hide. Just as well your aircraft isn’t wired for sound else you may have heard a description of you that’s at variance with your own self-image :slight_smile:

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I think you might be right, still at least I may have saved a few pigeons, after all they are in short supply, only a few billion of them around here at the moment


nice tre3e though, poor pigeons, I guess there must be a big pigeon pie on the menu

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