Not sure if it’s of use to us

The entire globe has been divided into 3 foot squares and every square has been allocated a 3 word name, honestly…following me so far?
There is a FREE app which is also linked with google maps which I use to identify to others responding, where an ‘incident’ has occurred. Most incidents I attend don’t have a road, house number or postcode, and the nearest postcode can be some way off.

You just type in the 3 words indicated on the map or sent to you by text/email or verbal and it opens up the map and pinpoints the spot allocated to those three words. I’m not sure if it would be any use to us flyers in identifying a particular take off spot, but as most places we fly from don’t have a postcode it might be useful to add the 3 words in any description, (see the 3 words at the bottom of the map screenshot) enabling others to easily look it up.


We use what3words at work for the same reason :+1:

Our meetups map supports lat/lng now, wonder if we should get W3W added in too? :thinking:


The take up of Plus Code location has been almost non existent. That also simplifies communication of a location. Supported by Google Maps, etc.

Aldi car park Selby ;o) I claim my prize.


What is the free app

It’s called ‘what3words’

OK got it from PingSpike’s post

That’s pretty cool, I can see it would be great for marking flying and take off sites.
Do you have to create an account to save places, I tried to :star: a place and it asked me to sign in, so I guess you do.

Very useful. Just installed it on my iPad.

Rather worryingly, we live at dwarf.engaging.leotard !

At least, if you don’t like your three words, you can move 3 metres and get a different three.

They’ve obviously done their sums but I never would have believed that there were enough words to go around.

What if English isn’t your language?

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Plus Code locations are far shorter than three words - just 7 letters and an area name … eg: GW4F+5V, London

They thought of that one :wink:

Don’t get it. What If I have a visitor coming from Outer Mongolia who doesn’t speak a word of English and I tell him (or her) that we live at dwarf.engaging.leotard?

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There are some UK accents that would be difficult (dangerous) to understand if spoken to another English speaker.

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If they don’t speak a word of English they won’t have a clue what you’re on about anyway :rofl:

You may be overthinking this @ash2020 :blush:


If someone was coming all that way to visit you, wouldn’t you meet them at the airport? :wink:


Greetings from Rome. I made it on Ryanair. It’s full of foreigners who don’t speak a word of English. Luckily I taught them the English for Pizza, they seem to understand that.


Haha! I would indeed meet them at, give or take a metre!


:rofl: And, shouldn’t it be “which 3 words”, just sayin.

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