Nottingham Goose Fair - New Temporary NFZ - NOTAM in place

Last year I missed the opportunity to grab some photos of the Nottingham Goose Fair.
This year there’s a new temporary NFZ. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Police are warning photographers, filmmakers and other drone pilots not to fly their devices over this year’s Goose Fair.

A temporary airspace restriction will be in place over the Forest Recreation Ground for the duration of this year’s event, which will run between 29 September and 8 October.

The restriction means it will be illegal to fly all types of drone in a 750 metre radius of the event. This includes all surrounding streets.

Drones pilots who break the rules are liable for prosecution and a substantial fine.

Sergeant Vince Saunders, chief drone pilot at Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Drones are increasingly popular with photographers and filmmakers and I know many of them will be keen to get a spectacular overhead shot of this popular and colourful event.

“But sadly we have previously had issues with drones being flown in an inconsiderate way – posing a potential risk to people and equipment on the ground.

“These kind of restrictions are now common at such large open air events so it is wise for all pilots to assume that they cannot fly above any similar gathering.

“As a drone enthusiast myself the last thing I want is for fellow enthusiasts to get caught out at this or any other major public event, so please do make a habit of checking for temporary restrictive zones before you fly by using the Drone Assist app on your smartphone, where you will find live maps displaying all the airspace restrictions you need to be aware of.

Drone users can also visit Drone Safety Map | Altitude Angel to check for restrictions, and can also find further guidance about the safe operation of drones from the Civil Aviation Authority.

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what about our very own drone scene portal?


i manged to get some photos and videos but i think if you mention to the police etc get an incident number etc helps your case make a flight plan on drone assist etc then things should be fine to a degree if you put things into place, ill be trying this exact method anyway :slight_smile:

Or DroneScene of course

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You may be able to get photos of everything set up if you go before the NFZ activates at 14:00 UTC on the 29th Sept.

That’s disappointing as I was hoping to get some myself this year, but I guess it’s also not surprising. It only takes one dickhead to be flying low over a crowd and the rest of us get screwed over.

That said, I’m sure if you use the contact details on the NFZ then some arrangements can probably be made. It sounds like the Sergeant in question might be willing to co-operate with responsible pilots, as well as offer good places to TOAL. To be honest, I’d rather have a copper having my back here than having some chavs approach me.

now that would be the sensible approach to anything… engagement!!!

it’s great that a minority want X, y or z banned and can be heard over the din of silence of those that a) didn’t know about such things as flight restrictions, assemblies of people or b) Cannot be bothered either way

applies to everything…

saying no or banning xyz doesn’t stop it… sure it may limit it but I’m afraid it doesn’t work for anything.

yea i almost got arrested last year casue the police that were there didnt have a scoobie, and they told me few hours prior someone flew over the place and toweards rides and up close etc so its no wonder they did what they did this is what i got though!


Drone Scene is much better resource. :wink:

Ditto to that :clap:t2:

Clearly the answer is to grab your SLR and a microlight / paraglider. :wink:

i mean if you want to fly it you could always get in contact with Vince saunders of hUCKNALL POLICE station (drone unit ) and they will give you aa form to fill out etc :slight_smile:

Or you could tie a GoPro to a goose … :wink: