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Today whilst browsing the DJI sub on Reddit, I came across a guy from Hull who mentioned he was a member of a drone club, (this one to be precise).

It had never occurred to me to actually look for a club, I’ve owned a drone for just over a year, I originally ordered my drone to take to Iceland in March last year, but Jessops massively messed me about and things never turned up. Other than the back yard, my first outing was Monsol Dale Viaduct from near the pub, followed by a few flights while on the Scottish Isle of Islay, but that was cut short after the handset refused to update itself after updating the drone successfully. The weather would also let me down shortly after, but I couldn’t fix the issue till I returned home.

Since then it’s been sporadic, but the interest still remains but then Lock-down etc, and there’s only so much I can do from home.

I think my biggest issue is video editing, I’ve never got the hang of it even using the software that comes with cameras like the GoPros etc that is supposed to be idiot proof, it’s obviously not. :wink:

Look forward to getting to know some fellow flyers

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Hello! Welcome, that will be me that introduced you from Reddit😀
There’s plenty of knowledgeable people on here and people share places to fly on

If you wanna get out and about with the drone check out the competition that is running, some great ideas on getting out with the drone.


Hi Iain and welcome to GADC.

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