Now in a Temporary NOTAM area - Ground Transponder - Yeovil

I live a couple of miles from a airfield and it is OK to fly but recently my area has turned orange. Apparently I am in a temporary NOTAM area. If I am careful is it still OK to fly

Which airfield? Which NOTAM? Easier to comment with this knowledge.

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It’s around Yeovil/Westland Aerodrome Yeovil, Somerset.

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I have a question too, do you use DroneScene?


This one?

Yes that’s the one. It was a temporary NOTAM several weeks ago. It was discontinued and now come back again.

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I get my information from Drone Assist.

It’s only, as it says, a “Navigation Warning” - so no restriction in place.

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What’s a Ground Transponder.

At a guess - something “wirelessy”/“radioy”. :man_shrugging:

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An airborne one tells the location of an aircraft.

A ground based one might be one that’s being tested??

If you are wondering if it will knock out your drone’s GPS/control - there’s no way of knowing. But in all the years of such “warnings” I’ve not heard of one that’s actually downed a drone.

Of course, first times can occur … but it wouldn’t stop me flying.

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Our own Dronescene is far superior and as you’ve found support is pretty good too (try get an answer from that other lot)

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I’d say excellent, first class :wink:

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My guess is, if you’re an aircraft flying in the area and see another spurious aircraft on your instruments, it may be safe to ignore it.

Reading this back to myself, it sounds unsafe :slight_smile:

Count yourself lucky! Bloody huge temporary FRZ has just popped up over Swindon :scream:

70 km in diameter! :man_facepalming:

Active: Thursday, July 6, 2023 6:51:00 AM until Monday, July 17, 2023 4:00:00 PM

Could colour blindness be used in mitigation?

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May be related to the two above linked subjects?

No longer strapping on the 737s, so not as ‘connected’ as before.