Odd Storage Structures

Shot on my trip out on Sunday night …amazing what you discover once you can see from above. The company that these are a part of is involved in renewables and specifically in concrete - so some form of storage or maturing tank is my guess.


Where is this?

Rather than try and explain, let me point you at this Google maps link:

I’ve also just been told that these structures are: Anaerobic Digestion Plants that produce biofertilser and these ones generate around 3Mw per year.

As above I think it’s part of their anaerobic digestion plant, so at at guess the tanks are for this.

Edit : yep, here you go https://ciwm-journal.co.uk/wales-largest-anaerobic-digestion-plant-opens/

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I worked on some of these last year, someone turned one off and i had to go do the clean up, they earn about £7,500 per day

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Belting shot Stubbyd

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I bet that was fun … what’s involved then when one gets turned off? Presumably on the basis of you saying ‘clean up’ the contents explode?

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The one i did, i was knee deep in shite, horse/pig/sheep

Had a tanker that sucks like a good one, then had to discharge/blow into a holding lagoon
Took me 3 days to complete @16 hour shifts, oh i love my job lol

Oh boy… So long az it pays the bills and some left over for fun then all good.

I often winder how folks “find” these sorts of jobs :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: