Oh and another last week project

Well if you can’t beat them… Join them I say… Planes… I hate them, can’t fly them so… £30 got me a second hand in excellent condition ZoHD 250g Dart (maybe a bit small I’m told!)

Motors, servos, and he had even put on an LED strip on the bottom! Anyways, don’t know LOS, can’t fly LOS, so FPV it is… So a flight controller needed…

Hmmmm how many 5v and gnds does this have? Amazing compared to drone ones!

Now where do I put everything and how… Some pondering, zip ties, and strong double sided tape later (oh and a little custom 3d printing…)

Getting there…



Now to learn iNav, etc. I actually had it ready to fly on Sunday, but wimped out… Oooops. Maybe maiden it this Sunday, wind conditions allowing (with someone with a lot of wing experience near by! lol)


And I got round to maidening it! I intended to fly Angle, but was advised to use Acro. I didn’t at that point realise what Acro meant (of course it’s the same as Quads when explained… Doh!) I did manage to catch BOTH my launches, though the experienced pilot hit the ground on his first one!

I think this needs 3S, which will try out next weekend, as we were on 100% throttle the entire time (well not me on first flight, as like I do with quads I got altitude and lowered it…) Yeah that doesn’t help either!

Anyways, hope you enjoy!