Old Harry Rocks, Jurrassic Coast - Added to Coastal Scenery in South West

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene:

Land owner permission requirements unknown.

Old Harry Rocks are an iconic natural landmark on the Jurassic Coast, close to Studland Bay. Pay and display car parking is available at South Beach carpark, which is owned by the National Trust. Parking is free to members.

From the car park continue down the lane past the Bankes Arms – from here the route is signposted. It should take about 20 minutes at a leisurely pace to get to Old Harry Rocks. The footpath is wide and flat with plenty of benches if you want to sit down and soak up the scenery. The walk can be extended and circular routes via Ballard Down are possible. It is advisable to keep dogs on lead and under close control. There are public toilets close to the pub.

Old Harry Rocks South Beach car park post code: BH19 3AU


Hi. It has been a long time since I planned to film this place from sky. It is a NT site so to the best of my knowledge forbidden. Where to take off land for filming here? Appreciated if you help.

hello great video i have just joined do you have to applly to the crown estates to fly there just purchest my first drone do not want to put my foot in it through lack of knowledge your advice would be very much appreciated

Hey guys,

I noticed that we have this entry in dronescene, but couldn’t help think that it is quite old.

Anyone has local knowledge of where or even when to TOAL to capture this place?


Hi @Mind_the_gap I’ve moved your post onto the thread for the DS location.

Also lots of info on Old Harry Rocks kicking about on the forum



Thank you @milkmanchris, I did find the posts, but did not see what I wanted out of them.
Hopefully someone with local knowledge might be able to give me a nice spot.

Unfortunately the beaches and the land at Old Harry are National Trust so officially you won’t be able to TOAL.

To comply fully with NT rules, take off from the Poole side of the chain ferry and fly over the studland beaches (though watch out for nudists!), or from Swanage to the other side up the cliffs. Marked both with a childlike red cross for you

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I think I’d rather risk upsetting the NT …

However, the NT land isn’t all of Ballard Down, and one can just stay within VLOS …


… not that that particular field is public, and there are trees, but it’s not NT.


Thank you both. I think the private field might be a better choice. Over 4 KMs seems a bit too far. Thanks :blush:

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Top tip.

Best view is from the sea looking westward toward the cliffs.

This view is even better just post sunrise with the morning light on them, or just around sunset with the sunset sky as a backdrop.

NT wardens are very “nine-to-five”. Well, add an “-ish” to that.


That’s definitely not one, but two top tips. Thanks for that.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a warden up there in all my years of visiting. If there were, things like this wouldn’t happen…

Madness: Warning as pair risk lives on 50cm-wide cliff edge | Dorset Echo

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They do exist. I promise you. Have had to deal with them on other matters over the years.

Not that they’re there full time, 9-5, every day.

If they are about, so will be their Land Rover Defender. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one there without a vehicle.

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They normally park their vehicle at the gates marked with a red circle. Usually at the first one, sometimes (rarely) at the second.

I’ve only seen vehicles any further when significant work is being carried out - when the remainder of the path is usually closed in any case.

I’ve marked their usual path up to Ballard Down from the gate to which I have a key. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What a lot of info. Greatly appreciated.
The last thing that would be great to know is if the parking lot has a closing time, barrier or anything for after 5 that would block us to get in or out?

Public cannot take a vehicle in at all. Key holders only.

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Sorry, I mean on the car park.some cars they close barriers after hours. That was my worry.

I’ve flown here too :grin:

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Been past it a few times on a boat - don’t try Return to Home! :grin: