Old Harry Rocks



That first photo is superb !.


wheres the oil rig ?


I do not know Mate.


Thanks Chris.


its in the bay


Very nice. I didn’t have a drone last time I was down that way, really like Swanage.


Loving the shots @ElLobo, especially the first - this location is one on my list to do this year


Group meet-up?


Sounds like a good location, is it drone friendly for a group?


Not been there in ages since I used to paraglide on the southern side of the ridge over the sea … and all the way along to the rocks … but I see no reason why there should be a problem.


Fantastic pics


Maybe one for the spring with an early start for sunrise?


Yeah - or even sunset that means one can take a similar pic to that first one with the sun setting in the background.
I’ve seen some superlative drone pics of the rocks sticking up through fog, too.


They are all stunning but the first just blew me away. Thanks for sharing


Isn’t that all National Trust land ??


it wasn’t a few years ago i went shooting in the little bit of woods you can see in the background of the first picture belonged to local farmer


Love the first one, I was here a week ago but was too windy for me to attempt a flight.


Good idea!