Old Trafford & Media City 360


I’m loving Hangar 360.
Old Trafford, Hotel Football, Media City UK & Trafford Park.


Great shot Steven!

I still have issues with Hangar from time to time.

Only yesterday, I was at 89m in GO4, I dropped out and launched Hangar, ticked all the boxes and it said it’d head off to 91m.

All it did was rotate a couple of times around its compass axis and that was it, the thing just sat there.

Twice I tried it, then the third time it worked?!

Quite unnerving :neutral_face:

360 Panorama viewer

Had no problems with it up to now, are you using iOS device or Android?


Isn’t hanger 360 iOS only?

Anything similar for Android.


Fantastic I hope they bring this to android soon


I didn’t know it was iOS only


I use it on an iPad Mini 2.

I just found out that it also changes GO4 settings without telling me.

My photos were set to JPG+RAW and I took a 360 while away this weekend. Didn’t realise until I got back that every photo I’d taken there after was in JPG only :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

360 Panorama viewer

Yeah, that’s a PITA.

Going to try Litchi Pano mode soon


Never seen hanger 360 before, fantastic shot


thats an excellent shot @StevenPSCC
if you can just delete the dump out of your pic that them red ####### play in it would be even better :grin:

footy aside its impressive


City fan then?


Fan of the finest football team this country ever saw
Centurions etc


Watching all or nothing on Amazon prime at moment.

Pretty good


Ummm …. wrong thread? :wink:




I told you I know nothing about football …


You should watch it then :wink:


I’d be asleep before the title faded.


Good choice for your eyeballs
I imagine Pep Guardiola has an MP2


Watched the first one over the weekend, real insight to the inner workings (subject matter aside)