Old Upottery airfield

My first ever photos by drone about 6 months ago, it’s Upottery airfield (Smeatharp) old control tower, what’s left of it, it was used in the tv series band of brothers, it was where easy company of the 506th parachute infantry regiment (101st airborne division) flew from to Normandy 1944, Also from above the clouds taken in auto

above the clouds there.


Well done! There brilliant

Thanks but when I look at others photos people have taken mine look terrible, it’s because I don’t understand the camera settings and that yet :grinning:

It’s not just the settings the photos you talk about very often have be subjected to clever technologies by the owner using editorial software

Heavy “Airbrushing” & Post shot Filter enhancement Back at home some spend Hrs & Hrs doing it

So don’t be discouraged Many Pro’s on YouTube showing you how to get to grips with settings on individual Drone cameras


Ah ok thanks, well I will have a look later and see what tips I can pick up :+1:

Hi no I wasn’t scared mate as the clouds were low and I was up high on the blackdown hills :+1:


Yes when the weather gets better mate :+1:

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Lol get your drone up :joy: it’s stop raining now for the minute down here in Somerset.

Excellent well done

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