Online purchases from Tecobuy and Ultra Online UK

I’ve never even heard of “Ultra online UK”

Got a link you can share?

Another ‘Oriental Tatmonger’ (courtesy of MacSpite) I’ll wager :grinning:

If something is unbelievably cheap, there’s a reason.


I can’t get that to load

Indeed, also HK based:

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 21.48.33

Your call @Grantfos !

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@Grantfos if you’re after a Mini 2 without any agro, check out this topic:

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Thank you

For the link and help.

I did buy last two drones from That had competitive prices and took about 5-6 days for delivery.

However I will keep looking for some deals. Although it not looking hopefully.

There was an article a few days ago in an online help column from someone having problems with an order from one of these pretend UK websites. Nothing you can do if there’s problems but send it back at your expense to Hong Kong.

Buyer Beware.

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I bought a camera from Tecobuy about a year ago, arrived wthin two weeks, no problems, no import duty etc. Got a bargain, maybe I was lucky as I have heard bad things. You pay your money, take your chances I guess. For peace of mind pay the extra and buy from a UK supplier, itstor on EBay come recommended, 13,000 sales and 99.7% positive feedback(refurbished drones etc. but with warranty).


I would certainly steer clear of

#1 tell tale sign, out of date SSL certificate. I.e. a no-no for any e-commerce site.

As for it seems better, it is secure - but not risk free. As others have mentioned it is based in Hong Kong, so the name of the website is a deliberate ploy to lure customers under false pretences. Delivery would be hit and miss at the best of times, e.g. expect a 4-6 week wait. But with the current climate, I wouldn’t even bother.

Tecobuy seems like Alibaba, Aliexpress and Banggood’s little brother. Yes, they are cheaper, but there are risks involved. Fakes are common place, items take ages to deliver (if delivered at all) and the returns process is sponsored by Cadbury’s Flake.

My advice, even though the MM2 is advertised for £490 on Tecobuy, I would recommend paying the extra to get it from a reputable dealer, for peace of mind. That way, you know it will be delivered and within a reasonable timeframe. But you will be in a better place in the event you need to return it.

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My advice to family, friends and anyone else who wants to avoid being scammed is this …

If any of the following apply … avoid.

  1. Insufficient UK contact information and/or business address
  2. Insufficient feedback readily available online (reviews, etc.)
  3. Insufficient length of trading (ensuring they are not a ‘popup shop’)
  4. Insufficient site security (it must use the https protocol denoted by a padlock in the address bar)

Thank you all for your input and help.

I’ll give they websites a miss and look more local.

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Not following you on this?

They’re using addresses or including UK in the domain which suggests a UK based website or company. Burying the contract details, or missing them altogether, is intentional.


I’d agree but you literally said it was which does neither.

I thought we’d moved on to Ultraonlineuk and Tecobuy also have a address. Their contact page even says “The TecoBuy UK Support Team”, another suggestion they are UK based. It’s only when you dig deeper, see their support hours aren’t in UK times and the list of days they’re not open that you realise they aren’t a UK company. All designed to mislead.


Their address “” suggests it is a “UK” based online shop, when in fact it is based in China.

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Like those HK eBay sellers that even put the union flag in their pictures :roll_eyes:


Plenty of overseas sellers claiming to be posting from London, Birmingham and Manchester. 3 week delivery times is an obvious clue but now I always check the sellers location rather than where they claim it’s coming from.