Ophelia GO or M RC PRO app for Holy Stone HS720E?

I’m new to drone flying and introduced myself here a short time ago. I’ve been learning flying on a sub 250g drone but felt confident enough now to go a bit more ambitious, so I bought a Holy Stone HS720E locally. I’ve been advised not to use the Ophelia GO App which the 720E user manual will take me to, but to use the M RC PRO App instead because it’s more stable and less ‘laggy’. The M RC PRO App is available from the Play Store for Android and iOS and I’ve downloaded it. It looks very much like Ophelia GO but as a beginner I’m a bit reluctant not to use the Holy Stone recommended App for the 720E, so I wonder if anyone has experience of the M RC PRO App instead of Ophelia GO with Holy Stone drones. Thanks.

Also interested.

@PeeBee Hi Peter, well I can say I have only used the Ophelia Go app and found no problem with it at all, for me anyway. There was certainly no lag and I am using the HS720E with a Galaxy S10. I guess INHO if you try the Ophelia Go app and have no problem, stick with it, if you do then it may be worth a bit of experimenting.

@PeeBee A little update to my previous post. I downloaded the M RC Pro app and found no difference in the operation of it, so I defo won’t be swapping from Ophelia Go. My only other thought was the type and performance of phone you are using may affect how well the app works.

The weather hasn’t been kind recently so I haven’t managed to get out to compare the two apps. The most used seems to be Ophelia GO and that’s the one recommended by HS, so I guess that’s got to be the preference.

@PeeBee I must agree Peter, I reckon that with the amount of users Ophelia Go has, if there was a serious problem we would have heard about it. I do take comments about software with a pinch of salt as 9 times out of 10 the problem is with the user or his equiptment.