Opportunities during Lockdown

I have been fortunate to have a job that I can mainly do WFH, other than a site visit once a week.

With extra time available, I have made sure that there are learning opportunities to embrace.

I bought Serif Affinity Photo a few months ago as a way of having affordable photo manipulation software without stepping on Adobe’s monthly subscription escalator.

Mudeford Spit - Hengistbury Head

This was stitched from 10 Mavic Pro images in Affinity Photo, which has done a really good job.
I was out with my MP on a daily walk late in the day, and no one was about, so I had a one battery flight to test my video and photo skills, which are a bit rusty.

Operating the MP is still fairly new to me, having bought it used in November, and it being wet and windy most of the winter.

I’ll post some more stuff as it gets worked on


Hi Tidepool
I am thinking of getting Affinity Photo, is it easy to master?

Hi BusyBee, TBH I’ve not used it enough yet, so not sure.

A good friend recommended it and he’s got on well with it after a fairly steep learning curve.
All the stuff I need is in there, but not in the same way as Photoshop which I’ve used for 20+ years.

The key shortcuts and controls are all still unfamiliar, and I need to do more work and watch some youtube tutorials.

I bought it with discount, about £38, worth watching out for rather than paying full whack if you’re not in a rush.

In the same way, I am making life hard for myself by learning DaVince Resolve 16, which offers the base version free.
That has a really good 100s of pages long PDF tutorial book and lesson files to get you started. That was most welcome, as a blank UI is a bit intimidating when you first open it all up.

Great stitching job - I’ll have to keep an eye out for Affinity on discount

I have also used photoshop for a few years now but refuse to continue with the now monthly subscription service. A friend has given me a link to get Affinity for only £23.99 but may also try Da Vinci base version like yourself. After all we have plenty of spare time to learn a new editing process unfortunately at the moment and it will keep the brain active.

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Hi guys I tried a few free versions of different packages at the beginning of my learning curve last year and I stuck with Davinci Resolve and I has everything you need as a hobby and more.
There are great free tutorials on YouTube check them out :ok_hand:


Busybee, that’s a great deal, well worth a spin.

Looks like I’m not alone in my educational and software choices. It’d be easier to concentrate if it wasn’t sunny and warm outside!

I am getting a fair bit of gardening (which I don’t relish…) done and brownie points with the ‘management’

Also taken up Folding at Home on my PCs to help solve medical conditions including Covid 19.
Do have a look if you can spare the electricity, it can run at different power levels and when the PC is idle or 24/7.

Scubadave, I’ve watched a few to solve immediate problems and am trying to edit simple clips feet first having bypassed the good but slow tutorial.

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