Options for a drone with controller with built in screen

I have never had a drone but am thinking about getting one. I would like one that uses a controller that has a built in screen rather than having to connect to a phone. As far as I can make out this would exclude the DJI mini 2 and mini 2SE? It looks as though the mini 3 (or the more expensive mini3 pro), opting for the RC (not the RC-N1) controller) will be the best option for me. Is this correct?

I would probably buy the care refresh 2 year plan.

I would consider buying it without the fly-more option but then save up to buy the multicharger and spare batteries at a later date. I realise that may work out more expensive in the long run.

I have a flyer ID and realise that after purchase I would need to obtain an operator ID.

Any advice/comments gratefully received. Thank you.


I would 100% recommend the DJI Mini 3 Pro with DJI RC.

Very have a great discount on the full package right now for £699.


DJI Care Refresh is essential and the support is first class, 2 years costs £119.

Total £818 … which is a bargain considering what you are getting.


Argos have a similar offer.


Even better then, as you can click and collect instantly.


I suspect that Very might offer a further discount if you sign up for their extended payment thing (that you do not have to use)


Currently 20%



Say can’t be used with other offers :sob:

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Always worth a punt, if not a 10% is


Fully agree with Chris on this. The mini 3 pro is a great bit of kit. I also chose to go with the controller with the screen built in. So easy to drop the phone whilst messing getting it it, also it is the time it takes. You can get a controller for the mini 2 with a screen built in but put it on the santa’s list just below rocking horse do do. You can have the mini 3 pro up in the air pretty quick with no messing. Also it is easier to hold then to have the weight of a mobile having a piggy back ride.


Totally agree too :+1:


I use a Smart Controller with Mini2, Air2 and Mavic2 Zoom. All work well.


Not had one problem with the smart controller on the mini 2. Works well

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That seems to be “out of production” now.

Yes only available second hand. I got mine second hand

Yes but I got mine secondhand as well and it’s brilliant and saves a lot on cost. Already had my drones so it was a really no brainier. Will serve me for a few years.

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The Very 20% discount CAN be used with the current £160 off deal.

I purchased the Mini 3 Pro & Fly More kit for £688.00 with 24hr delivery.

Gonna waiting for the 1st statement and then pay it all off.

Ended up with a £330 saving, compared to DJI RRP.

You can pay it off anytime no need to wait for statement

Top tip. Make it over 3 payments (not DD) then they will keep sending 10 and often 20% voucher off anything to tempt you back.

I’ve had loads from them all at 20% off never paid any interest

Nothing but good things for the credit rating too I guess?

Yes, contrary to what you’d think, paying off in full on invoice does very little for your credit score.

Very (littlewoods) will take anyone on though :wink:

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